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Our Plumbers are fully qualified and trained to use the latest leak detection tools and equipment for Electro-Acoustic, Tracer Gas, Pressure Testing, Thermo and CCTV Camera Inspections. SLR Projects is constantly investing in new and latest tools and technology available.

With experience in Factories, Estates, Farms, and even small towns to cities SLR Projects has done it all.

Underground Leak Detection

The initial signs of an underground water leak include a sudden increase in water bills, visible water seepage, soft or muddy patches, and unexplained wet areas, which may even affect neighboring properties. To confirm a leak, a simple test involves turning off all water sources, photographing the water meter, waiting 10 minutes, and checking for any meter reading changes, indicating an underground water leak. These leaks typically result from pipe breaks or damage caused by factors like root intrusion, ground shifts, or pipe deterioration, requiring knowledge of evolving building standards for effective detection and repair.

Thermal Imagery Leak Detection

SLR Projects incorporates thermal imaging into their leak detection services, utilising it to identify water presence beneath surfaces, especially for hot water leaks in various areas such as ceilings, walls, kitchens, and bathrooms, relying on properties like heat capacitance for accurate detection.

Hidden Leaks

Hidden wall and floor leaks often occur within plumbing systems that are difficult to access without invasive measures. Detecting these leaks can be challenging but is crucial due to changing building standards and the potential for costly damage. Early signs include peeling paint, water stains, dripping, bulging surfaces, and mold, and addressing them promptly is essential to prevent extensive damage to flooring, framing, and other structural elements.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Acoustic microphones are indispensable tools for plumbing and leak detection teams, amplifying pipe leak noises to pinpoint exact locations and validate already identified leaks, with two primary microphone options: listening sticks and ground microphones.

Tracer Gas Leak Detection

Tracer gas leak detection is a non-destructive method used to identify challenging and small leaks in water and gas systems by introducing safe and environmentally friendly gases like hydrogen into the suspected pipes. The gas exits at the leak point, rises to the surface, and is detected using highly sensitive equipment. Early detection through tracer gas technology is vital to prevent substantial damage and costly repairs, especially in hard-to-reach areas or under heavy concrete surfaces.

CCTV Camera Leak Detection

A pipe camera, equipped with a small CCTV camera and a video screen, is inserted into pipes, sewers, and conduits to inspect them for damage, particularly when persistent leaks occur after repairs. These CCTV drain camera inspections by SLR Projects efficiently pinpoint issues like bad connections, collapsed sections, improper slopes, or breaks in the drain, saving time and money by avoiding major repairs and unnecessary disruptions.


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