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If you’re looking to invest in a Water Storage tank, the first question you’re probably asking yourself is: Which water tank should I buy?

Since each installation is different, your required water tank and size will vary depending on the water source, the desired application, the amount of available space, and, of course, your personal preference. We can narrow it down by looking at your water source and intended use, and then from there, you can choose the shape and colour that you like best.

Rainwater harvesting

Consider the rainfall in your area, your roof size, and what the water will be used for. The biggest challenge for rainwater harvesting is accurately calculating the storage capacity required.

Municipal backup

Take into consideration how much water you need per day (this will vary based on what the water is used for) and the period you would like the backup water to last. On average, we use 150 litres of water per person per day in SA. A 2 500-litre tank should provide a family of four people with approximately four days of municipal water backup. Try, however, to install as much capacity as you have space for and can afford.

Fully integrated system

Consider how much municipal water you would like available and then add the amount you would like to harvest in rainwater. You will require a lot more storage capacity for this system as it behaves as both a municipal backup and a rainwater collection system.

If the tank will be used for rainwater harvesting, ensure that you install pre-filtration.

Pre-filtration improves the quality of the water entering into the tank. This is vital as a lot of dirt, dust, leaves, twigs, etc. accumulate on your roof and this can cause the water to smell and also clog pumps, etc.


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